Virtual Data Resources

Define the virtual data model you need for your integration flows and create mappings to your cloud apps

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What is a Virtual Data Resource?

Virtual Data Resources put your data models at the center of your application ecosystem and enable you to manage the data you care about in the structure that is best for your application or business.

Virtual Data Resources provide a canonicalized view of your data objects while eliminating the need for point-to-point mapping of data to each and every new application. Our Virtual Data Resources leverage the enriched API models maintained by Cloud Elements to make it easier to map from your defined resources, to the endpoints you require. 

Transformations: Data Integration

Why use a Virtual Data Resource?

Point-to-point integrations

Traditional integration platforms are point-to-point, meaning each new application needs to be connected directly to every other application in the ecosystem. Point-to-point integration is not the right solution for external integration embedded in your platform and is difficult to scale.

Many integration platforms ignore the fundamental value of integration – the data, making it impossible to create centralized or canonicalized data models that can be governed by an organization.

Cloud Elements Platform Enables:

  • Data governance across all teams in your organization.
  • User-defined data API. Your data model becomes a callable REST resource, enabling you to embrace your custom data. 
  • Consistent developer UX across endpoints.
  • Low code data mapping: Easily define and map data across integrations using our UI or APIs.

How to use Virtual Data Resources

Use our pre-built templates to quickly map /contacts, /companies, /leads and more coming soon.

Manage your custom data through our UI or write directly to our APIs. For a low-code data mapping experience, use our UI to easily map your domain model to the cloud services you are using. 

Shareable VDRs: Coming Soon! 

Shareable Virtual Data Resources will soon be available for the Cloud Elements community. We’ve created the first set of example VDRs, for the more common resources used by our Customers – and mapped them, complete with required transformations, to multiple endpoints. You’ll be able to view a catalog of VDRs in the Cloud Elements UI and copy them to your account.

Here is a list of Shareable Virtual Data Resources that are coming soon:

Shareable VDR Mapped To
/companies Salesforce Sales Cloud, Hubspot CRM, Hubspot Marketing, Eloqua, Sugar CRM
/contacts Salesforce Sales Cloud, Hubspot CRM, Hubspot Marketing, Eloqua, Sugar, Netsuite
/leads Salesforce Sales Cloud, Hubspot CRM, Marketo, Eloqua, Sugar CRM
Virtual Data Resources

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