Integration for Fintechs

Embed the leading API integration platform. Release faster. Grow quicker.

Virtualized integration is just an API call away. Embed Cloud Elements and you can own a thoughtful user experience and compete on integrations.

Customer demands have changed and banks are slow to keep up. But that doesn’t mean one killer app will win the day. Business processes like Procure-to-Pay have turned into thriving application ecosystems, and secure integrations enhance your value prop.

What got us here won’t get us there.

  • $37 billion of fintech VC investments in 2018… Go. Faster.
  • Move fast and don’t break things? Innovation and compliance.
  • Country and region-specific regulations add barriers to scale.
  • Frienemies – dozens of similar products and foreign look-alikes to manage.
  • The empire strikes back – banks co-opt good ideas (Zelle grew 50%+ last year).
  • Plaid gets bought for $5b – right after CapitalOne kicks them out.

The only iPaaS designed from scratch for digital products and platforms.

Your product exists within an ecosystem of applications for your users. Don’t risk clunky, first-gen tooling your developers hate or a bolt-on UI users don’t want. Own the experience.

Normalized methods, virtual models, and hundreds of Elements. Only one platform moves as fast as you and supports all the integrations you and your customers need.

Spend Management & Analytics

Innovators are looking to find the signal in the noise and make controls easy for users to comply with. They use normalized integration methods to deliver insights faster.

AR/AP Reconciliation

F&A execs want to automate manual processes and improve visibility. With pre-built Elements for the most complex ERP systems, even complex integrations can be self-serve.

Vendor Management

RFP & procurement platforms continue to gain traction for the enterprise. Virtual Data Resources (VDRs) enable one-to-many integrations and cut maintenance costs.

Digital Payments Platform

Integrated digital products can make payment a seamless part of corporates’ processes. Empower developers with a foundation to build, not point-and-click tools they have to learn.

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