Hybrid integration to seamlessly bridge your on-prem and cloud-based applications.

What is Ground2Cloud?

The Cloud Elements platform is architected to support the deployment option that’s best for your business. We offer Cloud Elements API Integration Platform in public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments. All deployments provide the same set of features and functionality.

Our Ground2Cloud deployment tool allows direct, on-prem integration to non-public services (desktop or on-premises apps).

  • Establishes a secure connection between on-prem apps and cloud apps.
  • Enables a one-to-many connection between an on-premises app and the cloud services used by the company, or between cloud services and any of the on-premises apps deployed on that same private network or computer.

How It Works

  • A Ground2Cloud Client is installed on the Customer system, opening a persistent tunnel to a Ground2Cloud server in the Cloud Elements cloud.
  • Once a Ground2Cloud Client is registred, connected, and (possibly) linked, CE Elements can direct their requests to the Ground2Cloud server, which works with its clients to transparently route the request to the correct service.
  • Installation of the Ground2Cloud Client does not require technical expertise. All you need is administrator access to the Windows machine, access to the internet via that machine, and about 10-15 minutes. However, if you or your company does employ an IT department to administer your Microsoft Windows systems, we recommend that they receive and follow these instructions.
  • Check out the Ground2Cloud API Documentation
Ground2Cloud deployment

Swiftpage Launches Act! ConnectUsing Ground2Cloud Technology

Swiftpage, Denver-based SaaS Company, provides digital marketing and CRM solutions that help small business owners convert prospects, retain customers and grow.

In March 2016, Xavier Musy, Chief Architect at Swiftpage, began the search for an integration solution that can move customer purchase data from their users e-commerce platforms to Act! (a Swiftpage product). Swiftpage has 80% of their customers using the on-premise version of Act!, and in order to integrate to cloud-based e-commerce applications, the product team needed a secure and reliable bridge to the cloud. Swiftpage chose to partner with Cloud Elements for the breadth in e-commerce API integrations, as well as Ground2Cloud on-prem integration deployment. Read more in the Swiftpage Customer Story.

Swiftpage Customer Story