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What Our Customers Are Saying…

  • "The Cloud Elements API standardization allowed us to focus on what we do best, and not slow down or get caught up in the changes made by other companies to their API with the growing workload required to build and maintain."

    Neil Smith
    Neil SmithFounder, slidefish
  • "I’m proud of the application we built with Cloud Elements, and how well the software flies with the user community."

    Klaus Dimmler
    Klaus DimmlerCTO, Pax8
  • “There is a growing demand to seamlessly plug into and use other third party applications for maximum productivity; it has to be a connected ecosystem. By finding Cloud Elements, we were able to quickly build a solution that matches our user expectations.”

    Andy Rosen
    Andy RosenCEO, BizCloud
  • “What was my proudest moment? Releasing the first iteration and seeing the numbers show that we had successfully removed one of the biggest barriers of applying for a job on a mobile device.”  

    John Cheung
    John CheungManaging Senior Developer, TotalJobs Group
  • “It would have taken 2-3 times as long to get to market without Cloud Elements. We would have had a steep learning curve, and potentially required additional manpower, to accomplish what we did with Cloud Elements.”

    Jason Carolan
    Jason CarolanCTO, ViaWest
  • “It took us almost a month or more to create our first marketing automation integration on our own. With Cloud Elements, we were moving 10x faster and released three more integrations in less than two weeks.”

    Aaron Rothschild
    Aaron RothschildFormer Director of Product Management at Influitive
  • "One really specific, and exciting success we’ve seen, is the ease in creating trip proposals for our members. Our teams have access to up-to-date information and are able to share and sync data at the same time. The time is takes to create a trip proposal has been cut in half, at least!"

    Adam Bauman
    Adam BaumanVice President of Technology, Inspirato
  • “In 20 hours we sat down and wrote the entire integration between Allbound and Salesforce, via the Cloud Elements Platform. That’s for standard and custom objects. And now we don’t have to maintain the infrastructure going forward."

    Kyle Burnett
    Kyle BurnettCTO and Co-Founder, Allbound
  • “We selected Cloud Elements because their product is completely born out of APIs, they have APIs in their DNA."

    Shailesh Modi
    Shailesh ModiDirector of Global Product Management at Sage
  • "The results are phenomenal, fully integrating our platform to Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, Salesforce helps us get new business and add value for our customers.”

    Vikram Rangnekar
    Vikram RangnekarDirector Product Management at Influitive
  • “Cloud Elements understands where the market is going. Buyers are moving away from the all-in-one solutions and are picking best of breed; platforms like Cloud Elements make that market shift possible."

    Andy Murphy
    Andy MurphyDirector of Product, FieldAware
  • "We chose Cloud Elements because their solution fit into our business model. They allowed us to loop the pricing of the integration into our standard pricing, and not have to pass that along to our customers.”

    Morgan Cantrell
    Morgan CantrellManaging Director, BrightTALK
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