Become an Element


As an Element, pre-built integration to your application will be front-and-center for customers of leaders like SAP and Wipro.

Leading SaaS vendors like DocuSign and Coupa have exposed their APIs as an Element within Cloud Elements. Why? Because an Element gives them control over how customers integrate with their APIs, reduces the integration support burden, and streamlines integration with ecosystem anchors who white-label Cloud Elements.

An Element is a pre-built and maintained API connector that streamlines integration with your application and gives developers a normalized experience when working with integration methods like authentication, bulk, eventing, and more.

Being an Element gives you more control over third-party integration methods, making API changes and maintenance less of a burden. More, meet your customers where there are—integrating with other ecosystem anchors who are also using Cloud Elements.

Where does an Element give your application more visibility?

divvy, docusign, teampay, and more

Hundreds of SaaS vendors

Leading SaaS vendors across categories embed Cloud Elements to productize self-serve integrations for their users

Sap, sugarCRM, Axway

Ecosystem pillar vendors

From SAP to SugarCRM to Axway, leaders in ERP, CX platforms, and IT infrastructure white-label Cloud Elements

Wipro, Qentelli, EPI-USE

Leading system integrators

Global SIs like Wipro and innovators like Qentelli and EPI-USE all rely on Elements to deliver integrations for their clients

Here’s how it works:

Contact us to learn more

This path isn’t for everyone, only the bold… Kidding aside, let’s talk.

Prepare additional GTM

Targeted outreach or a press release? Whichever route you think makes sense, we’re here to help.

Scope API requirements

Do partners sometimes do funky things with your API? We’ll dig in so we can spec the Element correctly.

Build and launch your Element

Don’t have extra capacity in engineering right now? No problem—we do, and we do this everyday.


Cloud Elements + Axway: strategically extending the offering

“We chose to team up with Cloud Elements because of their unique approach to integration and how ‘Elements’ fulfill our strategy to offer the most comprehensive Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) available.”

Suraj Kumar, VP & Chief Platform Officer, Axway


Cloud Elements + SAP: reducing disruption and improving the value prop with connected apps

“Open Connectors are harmonized and hide a lot of the complexities of the systems behind them by providing you standard REST APIs, so it’s very easy to integrate through them with our integration services into any SAP and non-ERP solution.”

Bjorn Goerke, Former CTO, SAP


Cloud Elements + EPI-USE: your expertise, our technology

“The continuous proliferation of best-of-breed solutions is echoed by the increase in demand for integration services with legacy systems and third party applications. We are delighted at the prospect of servicing our clients more effectively by expanding our integration capability through Cloud Elements.”

Quintin Smith, Partner at

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