EPI-USE + Cloud Elements

Complex Hybrid Integration Needs. Solved.

Better together: EPI-USE’s extensive experience in ERP and HCM systems integration and Cloud Elements’ next-ready integration platform.

Tackle your hybrid integration challenges, deliver integration projects on-time, and take control of your application ecosystem. EPI-USE, a leading system integrator and consultancy, has helped thousands of enterprises implement SAP S/4 HANA, SuccessFactors, Kronos, Mendix, and many others.

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Security & Governance

Connect on-prem and cloud apps securely and avoid brittle, connection-specific mappings with Virtualized Data Resources (VDRs).

API-First Strategy

Decouple integration strategy from applications for more flexibility, less internal disruption, increased scale, and lower maintenance costs.

Empower Every Integrator

Let developers reuse core integration components, support ad hoc integration needs, or make integration a feature for non-technical users.

Accelerate Business Outcomes

Deliver integrations faster with unified APIs and reduce maintenance so you can focus on optimization and the business can focus on innovation.

“Our customers need technically advanced, scalable integration capabilities and also recognize the importance of extensible data models, security, and data governance. Cloud Elements offers infrastructure that our consultants can use to help customers put their data at the heart of their ecosystem.”

Jonathan Tager, CEO, EPI-USE