Embedded Integration for Digital Products

Win more customers and retain them longer with the integrations they need.

The market leader for embedded integration. Don’t bolt-on someone else’s UI, own a thoughtful experience that customers see as first-class.

It’s confusing. Some iPaaS vendors say ‘embedded integration’ but that’s the vendors UI/UX within your product and the hard work still falls to your user.

Then there’s embedded integration as developers know it: you don’t reinvent internet telephony, you embed Twilio via API call, you don’t build secure payments processing, you embed Stripe via API call. You own the user experience and users reward that effort with their business.

Cloud Elements was purpose-built for the latter. No other iPaaS vendor was.


“The platform is easy to use, when you build out one integration. The architecture is taken care of and you can build out multiple integrations using that architecture… By standardizing integration elements, the Cloud Elements platform allows us to turn on integrations seamlessly and easily.”
– Global payments fintech

Seamless. Effortless. Don’t lose customers because of missing integrations.

It’s enticing to many product leaders: no-code integration tooling enables users to solve their own problems. But from the user’s perspective, that means they have to do more work to see value from your product. Worse, they have to work with integration tooling that has limits they likely don’t understand.

At Cloud Elements, we support product leaders who see a difference between offering no-code integration tooling and pre-built or productized integrations that look and feel to the user like a core feature of the product.

From innovative SaaS startups to established enterprises’ digital platforms, leaders choose Cloud Elements and see business benefits:

60% Reduction in Customer Churn

15% Increase in Customer Lifetime Value

64% increase in upsell potential

Build vs Buy: Today’s competitive markets change rapidly, are your resources stuck on undifferentiated work or advancing the core value prop?

Join These Innovators Using Cloud Elements:


Purpose-built & API-accessible

Embed Cloud Elements via API call: you control the user experience, integrations feel like first-class features, and you avoid rebuilding a polling framework over and over.

Faster development time

Every API is unique, developers get bogged down researching how each API works. Normalized methods and pre-built Elements remove this complexity and make development go faster.

One-to-many data mapping

Behind every API is a different data model. Only Cloud Elements offers Virtual Data Resources to remove the work of mapping your application to each target system.

Move faster, less maintenance

Leaders often underestimate the burden of API maintenance. Cloud Elements centralizes integration code and flows and insulates your team by maintaining Elements.

There’s always a long tail of customer demands and custom integration needs. Cut time and better equip customer success and professional services teams with Conductor.

Productizing integrations is not just about APIs, it requires sandbox access as well. Don’t have the sandboxes you need to test your integrations? Cloud Elements can help.

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