Qentelli + Cloud Elements


Better together: Qentelli enables business transformation through digital transformation, now with next-ready integration from Cloud Elements

From best-practice DevOps and continuous delivery to deploying intelligent automation within core IT, Qentelli helps leading enterprises rethink the foundations of the IT value chain. As a strategic Cloud Elements partner, Qentelli can extend that agility to enterprise integration strategy, as well.

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Transformation Without Disruption

Decouple integration strategy from applications for more flexibility, less internal disruption, increased scalability, and lower maintenance costs.

Dev Sec Ops

The shift to an accelerated or even automated software development lifecycle adds security challenges. Normalized patterns and DevOps expertise mitigate the risks.

Accelerate Business Outcomes

Deliver integrations faster with unified APIs and reduce maintenance so you can focus on optimization and the business can focus on innovation.

Build New Revenue Streams

Whether launching new digital products and platforms or uniting data for new, proprietary insights, uniting data across applications drives growth.

“Business transformation requires the right foundation, a digital transformation, but few enterprises have a cohesive strategy to build that foundation. Cloud Elements can help our teams and our clients create more agile, effective application ecosystems that will become that foundation today, and tomorrow.”

Sanjay jupudi

Sanjay Jupudi, CEO of Qentelli