Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP)

Greater agility, less disruption. Virtualized API integration within your HIP.

Only one iPaaS solves internal, hybrid integration and lets you create a first-class user experience for new digital products and platforms.

The average enterprise uses 1,500+ cloud applications yet many business critical, systems-of-record still run on-prem. IT leaders navigate challenging terrain between best-of-breed applications, maintaining security, and avoiding disruption to critical business processes

The number of integrations requested continues to rise and the scope of people within an organization that expect integrated systems and data continues to expand. IT leaders are challenged to empower more integrators with reusable tooling yet oversee data governance.

Cloud Elements leads the market by giving integration developers normalized ways to interact with thousands of unique APIs, enhances native API functionality, and allows developers to build first-class connection resources for extensible, reusable architectures.


“With up to 3 million business-critical transactions each week running on a single, non-resilient instance of our ESB, “We needed to rise to the challenge of iPaaS technologies, including standard patterns and reusable resources, without major disruption to the business.”
– Iconic European retailer

Enable a HIP. Integrate Faster. Enable Innovation.

A hybrid integration platform is not something you buy out of the box. Your organization likely already owns and uses multiple integration and EDI tools, API management, etc… But somewhere, behind all thet software, lies your integration strategy.

Whether you’re creating an integration center of excellence, launching new digital products and platforms, or just optimizing business processes, API integration is part of the puzzle.

Only Cloud Elements offers normalized integration methods for your developers, a catalog of pre-built resources you can easily adapt and extend, and graphical configuration for ad hoc users. The result is that multiple users can build integrations 9x faster than building from scratch in a legacy iPaaS.

Leaders choose Cloud Elements and see business benefits:

60-80% Productivity Gains for Developers

65% Reduction in Integration Maintenance

60% Reduction in Customer Churn

15% Increase in Customer Lifetime Value

64% increase in upsell potential

Enterprises and their partners want more agility, less disruption, and cloud-first options. Leaders offer just that, with Cloud Elements.


Put data and strategy first

Only Cloud Elements offers Virtual Data Resources (VDRs) which unify data mapping for easy maintenance and data governance beyond the constraints of applications.

Best-of-breed API Integration

Developers have to overcome API nuance and shifting business requirements; normalized integration methods and unified data models make the technical challenge more tractable.

Extensibility is foundational

To address the backlog of requests, developers can easily understand, extend, and reuse connection resources, integration flows, and templates across use cases.

Faster development, less cost

With hundreds of pre-built Elements that let developers consume any API with just REST/JSON, even junior developers can deliver faster and avoid platform-specific training.

Looking for a full HIP? Cloud Elements supports Wipro DIaaS for seamless any-to-any integration and Application Integration in Axway AMPLIFY.

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