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3rd Party Cloud Apps + Your Hybrid Integration Platform. Solved.

Axway’s AMPLIFY platform is one of the most comprehensive hybrid integration platforms (HIPs) on the market. Application Integration is Axway’s iPaaS solution and it’s powered by Cloud Elements white-label.

AMPLIFY simplifies the delivery of SaaS, multi-cloud, and on-premises applications to accelerate digital transformation, perfect for those in Automotive, Government, Healthcare, and Life Sciences.

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Reduce Time

Normalized integration methods and pre-built, reusable API resources cut the time spent building integrations ~8x

Simplified Data Governance

Reduce the disruption of IT changes and application maintenance by virtualizing data models across your architecture

Accelerate Delivery

100% API-accessible resources accelerate the delivery of new digital products and platforms with embedded integration

Enhanced API Endpoints

Utilize pre-built connectors for ERP, CRM, Payments, etc., or build your own connector and add webhooks or bulk to native APIs

Accelerate Integration and Digital Transformation With a Hybrid Integration Platform

“We chose to team up with Cloud Elements because of their unique approach to integration and how their ‘Elements’ fulfill our strategy to offer the most comprehensive Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) available. We are convinced that Axway AMPLIFY gives our enterprise customers the keys to the car for driving and accelerating their integration and digital transformation.”

Suraj Kumar, Axway VP, Chief Platform Officer