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Join the move from point-to-point integration to an application ecosystem

Cloud Elements is the first API Integration Platform to virtualize APIs into unified data models that eliminate brittle, point-to-point connections. With your data at the center of a customized Application Ecosystem, you get a cost, scale and performance advantage so you can seize new opportunities, create new experiences and discover what’s next.

American Express
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Banking & Fintech

Customize Your Fintech Ecosystem to deliver innovative experiences and automate processes end-to-end.

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Software Products

Accelerate integration with other apps to open new markets and maintain control of the customer experience.

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Digital Enterprise

Move and manage data any way your employees, customers, and partners need with virtualized APIs.

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SAP builds Open Connectors using Cloud Elements

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Integrating WU Edge with Accounting Systems


We’ve created new building blocks for every integration need, so you’re up and running fast, and dramatically reducing the need for maintenance.

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Our catalog of 200+ pre-built connectors for popular cloud apps jump starts your integration efforts.

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Extend the capabilities of existing Elements or build new ones from scratch.

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A no-code workflow builder to make creating complex integrations simple.

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definitive guide to API integration

The Definitive Guide to API Integration

Building great, robust integrations can be a tall order. Check out our Definitive Guide to learn all of the components and steps you’ll need to keep in mind to build effective integrations.

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Integration GTM

After you’ve built and launched your integration offering, what do you do next? Learn to enable a successful go-to-market strategy in our eBook.

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Press Release

Cloud Elements is now part of UiPath. Read the press release to learn more about this acquisition and get familiar with UiPath.

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Learn about the seven steps, how much time each step should take, and how to have a realistic view of your budget when building custom API integrations.

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