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The fastest way to connect
entire ecosystems of apps.

API Hubs are at our core. Hubs not only connect endpoints, but bring organization to all the APIs in your world in an “integrate one, get many” approach.

Cloud Elements is an API Integration Platform purpose-built to connect SaaS and the Digital Enterprise with the applications used by YOUR customers and partners. Our 100% API-based service can be embedded seamlessly into your app so your customers will never know we’re there!


Grow Revenue

Grow Revenue

Never lose a sale due to a missing integration and increase stickiness.

Reduce Dev Costs

Reduce Development Costs

Build once, connect many. Reduce your integration development costs.

Stable Support

Stable Support

Any changes, maintenance and updates are handled by Cloud Elements.

What Customers Are Saying

  • “Previously it took us about 3 years to build 3 integrations, and in the year that we’ve used Cloud Elements we built 6 more integrations that now over a ⅓ of our user base is using.”

    Morgan Cantrell
    Morgan Cantrell Managing Director, BrightTALK
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We offer a catalog of 115+ pre-built integrations, all available as RESTful APIs. 

Our integrations are organized into ‘API Hubs’ or categories of services. Each category is accessible through a uniform, REST API, cutting down on the amount of time you spend building integrations. Use API Hubs to offer an integration marketplace to your customers or to aggregate data internally.


If you need more customization, our API Integration Toolkit enables you to extend the capabilities of our integrations by publishing new resourcesmapping and transforming datamigrating bulk data and orchestrating workflows.

Element Mapper

For data mapping and transformations.
Learn more.

Element Mapper

Element Builder

For building new integrations and
publishing additional resources. Learn more.

Element Builder

Formula Builder

For designing API-based workflows orchestrated
by events and triggers. Learn more.


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