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The first time-aware CX platform also sells iPaaS. #newproductin90days

SugarCRM is moving quickly to innovate in the CX space with the first time-aware platform with built-in ML. That vision requires more integration work.

Sugar launched Sugar Integrate, powered by Cloud Elements white-label, as a new product line in just 90 days. Now Sugar can better support customers and partners, drive revenue growth, and normalize how customers use APIs.

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Faster Time-to-Value

Cut time to build integrations 8x, enable faster time-to-value for customers and partners, and create a more cohesive customer experience

90 Days to Go-Live

Full control over terminology, UI customization, and automated documentation let you offer a mature product line in a fraction of the time

Normalized & Enhanced Endpoints

Customers and partners avoid endpoint nuances with normalized connectors and streamlined data migration for new customers

Revenue Generation

Not just a technology platform, Cloud Elements partners on all go-to-market aspects to make the new product line successful

“Sugar Integrate enables a cross-application view of the customer, supporting automated business processes spanning multiple business systems…”

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