Standardized Authentication

Finally, your auth challenges solved: A single API to authenticate any user and any endpoint regardless of auth mechanism

APIs require various authentication mechanisms and implement “standards” like OAuth differently. The result: dozens of lines of IF/THEN/ELSE statements in your code. Instead, Cloud Elements gives you a standardized approach.

Simplify and Speed
API Integration

A single, streamlined auth for any application with 200+ Elements and Element Builder.

The Secure,
Preferred Standard

An OAuth 2.0 flow for any API — the security and ease developers and users expect, none of the costly nuance.

Own a
Seamless Experience

Customize the look and feel of our credentialing UI, no new frontend components to build.

How It Works

A Single API,
Any Auth Workflow

Cloud Elements’ Standardized Auth uses the normalized and enhanced endpoints provided by our Elements to eliminate auth research and nuance for developers.


OAuth 2.0 Flow and
Pre-Built Credential UI

If the target API uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication, your user will redirect to that UI. For any other auth type, you can redirect or insert our UI so users can securely enter their credentials.

Automatic Provisioning
And a Fully Customizable UI

Cloud Elements creates and manages multi-tenanted integration instances for each user. Your developers save time while you own the user experience.


Getting started is easy, just four simple steps:

1. Create an authentication application in Cloud Elements’ platform.

2. Add Elements to the application for the target applications.

3. Create a session for the app.

4. Customize the login UI branding.


For more, check out our developer docs, view the Postman collection, or review the sample application at Open Labs.