You help your customers optimize and improve spend. We can help you deliver the integrations they want and need, faster.

Customer demands have changed and banks are slow to keep up. But that doesn’t mean one killer app will win the day. Business processes like Procure-to-Pay have turned into thriving application ecosystems, and secure integrations enhance your value prop.

Global supply chains and growing businesses only increase complexity. Virtualized API integration powers optimization, automation, and analytics.

Procure-to-Pay has turned into a thriving application ecosystem as new entrants look to improve and automate manual legacy processes. With more best-of-breed applications involved in the process, embedded integration as part of a thoughtful user experience becomes more important.

Normalized methods, virtual models, and hundreds of Elements. Only one platform moves as fast as you and supports all the integrations you and your customers need.

Vendor Management

RFP and procurement platforms continue to gain traction for the enterprise. Cloud Elements helps those digital platforms solve complex ERP and F&A integrations.

Verification & Exceptions

Document and data capture plus workflow management for exceptions rely on disparate systems. Only Cloud Elements offers developers normalized methods to integrate data silos.

Modern Payments

New payments platforms are bringing a better experience to an otherwise time-consuming chore. Embedded integration improves the user experience and drives adoption.

Spend Management & Analytics

Innovators are looking to find the signal in the noise and make controls easy for users to comply with. Many of these leaders use pre-built Elements to deliver insights faster.

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