Cloud Elements API Integration Solutions

The Freedom to Build the Future

Data at the Center of Your Application Ecosystem

The traditional point-to-point model no longer scales for integration within the modern enterprise – let alone connecting your customers’, prospects’, and partner’s applications. With Cloud Elements’ one-to-many integration approach, you put your data at the center of your Application Ecosystem.

Whether your current ecosystem challenge relates to integrating a specific application, improving a business process, or picking the right technology for your strategic initiative, Cloud Elements offers robust, reusable, and 100% API-accessible integration resources for a range of integration scenarios.

Embedded iPaaS

Embed integration capabilities directly into your application, connecting your product to the ecosystem around it while still owning the customer experience.

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Use Case

Your application drives productivity and insight for your customers; Cloud Elements helps you deliver one-to-many integrations for any business process.

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Whether you’re trying to productize self-serve integrations for a seamless user experience or solve hybrid integration challenges, Cloud Elements can help.

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Normalized and Enhanced APIs

Regardless of the native API or target system – REST, SOAP, Proprietary SDK, Database, etc. – Cloud Elements creates a unified API layer with normalized methods that lets your developers deliver faster and lowers maintenance cost. And Cloud Elements ensures that developers can build the experience your customers want – every feature and resource in the platform is 100% API-accessible and easily embedded via API call.

Cloud Elements API Catalog

Cloud Elements Customers

  • “Previously it took us about 3 years to build 3 integrations, and in the year that we’ve used Cloud Elements we built 6 more integrations that now over a ⅓ of our user base is using.”

    Morgan Cantrell Managing Director, BrightTALK
Some of Cloud Elements clients include SAP, Teampay, HP, IBM, Dialpad, DocuSign, Tungsten Network, and American Express