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“Integration in the Cloud: SAP’s Way Forward” – Christian Klein, CEO, SAP

More than 75% of the world’s leading enterprises run SAP. The Cloud Platform Integration Suite (CPIS) powers their integration needs, and Open Connectors is powered by Cloud Elements white-label. Open Connectors gives SAP customers best-of-breed tooling for cloud and third-party integration needs.

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Normalized & Enhanced Endpoints

Avoid endpoint nuances with normalized connectors for enterprise cloud apps and add resources in minutes

Internal Needs + Digital Products

100% API-accessible resources accelerate the delivery of new digital products and platforms with embedded integration

Quick Start, No Friction

Free trials and multiple commercial models, including consumption-based billing, entirely through existing SAP contracts

Simplified Data Governance

Reduce the disruption of IT changes and application maintenance by virtualizing data models across your architecture

“We are committed to supporting every customer to become an intelligent enterprise…”

“Open Connectors are harmonized and hide a lot of the complexities of the systems behind them by providing you standard REST APIs, so it’s very easy to integrate through them with our integration services into any SAP and non-ERP solution.”


Bjorn Goerke, Former CTO, SAP

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