Cloud Elements Services

Custom Data & Application Integration Services

Connecting Services

APIs to Sync Resources:
One-to-many resources (e.g. /company) combined in workflows to synchronize data across multiple cloud services.

Building Apps

New Apps from APIs You Build & Buy:
Build new applications on top of custom Hubs that combine resources from apps you use and apps you’ve built.

Creating Solutions

Let Us Build a Custom Solution:
We offer custom UI design work to solve your internal or external use case and embed in your app for the end user. 


Inspirato with American Express Goes Mobile with APIs

Inspirato has transformed their mobile app experience, ending the age of the monolithic app and creating one of today’s most innovative rental apps built on APIs. Walking away from the concept of an ESB, they decided to partner with Cloud Elements, which offered no overhead in running the integration platform.

The integration development team kicked off the initiative with a workshop led by Cloud Elements senior product developers. The workshop created user stories that addressed specific pain points and directly aligned with business objectives. The primary objective was to aggregate all the property data into one centralized location. The end deliverable was to expose a new app granting property access to all employees.

“It would not have been possible to create a mobile app without the Cloud Elements API integrations,” shares Adam Bauman, Director of Business Applications.

Inspirato Signature Residence
  • "One really specific, and exciting success we’ve seen, is the ease in creating trip proposals for our members. Our teams have access to up-to-date information and are able to share and sync data at the same time. The time is takes to create a trip proposal has been cut in half, at least!"

    Adam Bauman
    Adam Bauman Vice President of Technology, Inspirato
  • “It would have taken 2-3 times as long to get to market without Cloud Elements. We would have had a steep learning curve, and potentially required additional manpower, to accomplish what we did with Cloud Elements.”

    Jason Carolan
    Jason Carolan CTO, ViaWest
  • "I’m proud of the application we built with Cloud Elements, and how well the software flies with the user community."

    Klaus Dimmler
    Klaus Dimmler CTO, Pax8

Our Process

  • Scoping

    2-4 Hours. Output: Outline of a solution, endpoints, scope and duration for a design workshop.

  • Design Workshop

    2-4 Weeks. Output: MVP solution definition, wireframes, release plan, prioritized backlog, stories for sprints 1-2.

  • Delivery

    2 week sprints until project completion. Output: Deliver the solution by the agreed to date. Daily stand ups and demo result every two weeks.

Tool for Data Migration

Elements Loader UI

  • Drag and Drop UI to quickly map resources between services using our Element Loader APIs.
  • Schedule jobs and keep your app in sync with your services over time.
  • Embed into your application or host externally. Need help with hosting? Contact us!
  • When Element Loader is embedded within your app, user authentication happens behind the scenes, making it simple for your customers to use.

Elements Connect Marketplace

Connect your app to a Self-Service Integration Marketplace:

Let us build and host an integration marketplace for you! Minimal internal developer resources needed. Your marketplace is hosted as a web page accessible from your site for instant, self-service integration by your customers.

Features include:

  • Authentication
  • Elements Connect Standard UI
  • Elements Mapper and Data Transformation APIs
  • Private Element for your App
  • Element Logic Workflow
Elements Connect Marketplace Login