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Cloud Elements API Integrations


Scaling startups to enterprises like SAP use Cloud Elements, so our team will work with you to find the right package that meets your needs. They range from supporting a few, targeted integrations to fully-customizable enterprise-grade functionality and support.

All packages have three core pieces: platform access, usage, and onboarding support. And we offer a range of additional services.


Tin Aluminum Copper Titanium Tungsten
Cloud Elements Platform Entry-Level platform package, for use cases needing limited API traffic Mid-Level platform package, including the ability to extend our Elements Full platform package, including all integration features, and the ability to build your own Elements Enterprise-Grade package offering 24/7 Global support with unlimited Element access Enterprise-Grade package that can be customized for large-scale use cases
Tier 1 Elements
Tier 2 Elements 1 Included 3 Included
Tier 3 Elements - - $
Formula Builder $ $
Element Builder $ $
Bulk Operations X X $
Managed VPC X X $ $
On-Prem Deployment X X X $
Additional DC X X $ $
Standardized Auth X X X $
Become an Element $ $ $
B2B/EDI $ $ $ $
All prices shown are monthly fees, based on an annual-in-advance contract