Cloud Elements API Integration Platform

Unify Your APIs & Focus on the Data You Care About

Connecting is easy, INTEGRATION is hard. Integration is not about the interfaces you connect. Instead, you need to focus on the data you care about.

With our market leading API Integration Platform, we’re turning this once debilitating act into a competitive advantage. Cloud Elements Platform is built from the ground up to bring API integration and management together with a data-centric approach. Our platform connects you to all of the cloud services used by your company, customers, and partners, plus all of the tools to extend the capabilities of our integrations by publishing new resources, mapping and transforming data, migrating bulk data and orchestrating workflows.

Cloud Elements API Integrations

A Catalog of Over 130 Elements

Other integration vendors offer “connectors”. We have Elements.

Our Elements and Hubs provide a variety of advanced features built in. We offer unified authentication, discovery APIs, search capabilities, event-driven workflows, unified error handling and so much more. Our API Integration Platform helps you manage all of it.

Cloud Elements API Integration Platform
Marketing API Integrations


Elements are feature rich, pre-built adapters to all the cloud apps you need to integrate.

API Hubs

Hubs map resources from a collection or category of Elements into a unified set of APIs.

Platform Features

Underneath our extensive catalog of Elements is a robust platform designed for business users to get to market quickly.

Cloud Elements has taken a unique approach to application and API integration, by allowing you to focus on the data you care about – designing one-to-many integration workflows that are far more efficient and scalable than the point-to-point integration patterns offered by the competition.

The platform offers 3 key features that help you build and manage application integration:

Resource Builder

for modeling the data resources you care about.

Formula Builder

for creating complex integration workflows.

Element Builder

for building and extending Elements (Connectors).

Add-On Options

Ground2Cloud (G2C)

Allows for secure integration between on-premises applications and the Cloud Elements Platform without restriction. A G2C Client is installed on the on-premises application, opening a persistent tunnel to a G2C server in the Cloud Elements cloud. Read more.

Elements Connect

Deliver the integrations you build as easy to use, self-service tools into the hands of your customers or business users. Elements Connect is a marketplace, hosted by Cloud Elements, but branded as your own integration software. Read more.

Bulk Loader

A data migration tool to import, export and synchronize your data on an ongoing basis. Bulk Loader is a configurable application that maps and pushes data from application sources to application targets. Contact us to learn more.

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