What is a Hub?

Hubs map resources from a collection of endpoints (What we call Elements) into a uniform set of APIs. With Hubs you can integrate an entire category of services (e.g., CRM, Documents, Finance) through a single set of APIs.


Hubs & Integration Categories Available Today

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Cloud Storage & Documents Hub
Marketing Hub
Online payment services
Social Media API
Human Capital Hub
Field Service Automation Hub
Database Hub
Collaboration Hub
Sage Accounting Hub

Hub Features

  • Provide uniform APIs to access any collection of Elements or a set of resources.
  • Enable “One-to-Many” access to an entire category of services.
  • Are accessed using a consistent RESTful API with a JSON payload regardless of the technology used at the endpoint.
  • Rapidly translate calls into the semantic and data structure required by each endpoint.
  • Provide a uniform set of interactive API documentation that developers use to access the resources in the Hub.
  • Combine resources from multiple categories providing a consistent set of APIs and documentation to access any collection of resources (e.g., combine Salesforce, Box, and QuickBooks API resources into a Hub).

Element Features

  • A pre-built integration composed of a collection of resources (accounts, contacts, files) mapped to a service endpoint
  • Elements share common services including discovery, search query, pagination, bulk uploading and downloading, logging and interactive documentation.
  • Methods are normalized and accessible through RESTful APIs
  • Complete data payloads are returned in JSON and available to transform and normalize via Element Mapper and our Transformation APIs.
  • We keep each Element up to date with changes at the endpoint.
  • Each Elements is a “Multi-tenant” connector supporting an unlimited number of authenticated accounts with no additional code required.

Why should I use a Hub?

  • Our “One-to-Many” approach leverages your development time by using one API to connect you with lots of cloud applications. Less work and more connections for your application.
  • Hubs are a consistent way for all like services to be integrated. When you need custom fields and objects, we provide you with a way to retrieve, categorize and map these objects.
  • Hubs are not an island. When they need to communicate with each other, we offer an Interaction Broker.
  • Learn more about our API Integration Platform.