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Easy-to-use UI and APIs to design and implement complex integration workflow templates

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What is a Formula?

  • Formulas are workflow templates that are independent of the end-point, used to define a set of actions that will take place based on an event happening.
  • Formulas can be utilized to automate a process that involves steps across multiple systems or to keep systems, like CRM, Ticketing, and Marketing, synchronized.

Formula Builder

  • Formula Builder is the first set of APIs to build workflows that are independent of the endpoint, through RESTful APIs or an open source UI.
  • Enables developers to design integration rules and triggers that are one-to-many, syncing across multiple applications in real-time and reducing data silos.
  • Triggers include Requests, Events and Schedules.
Formula Builder: Build integration workflows
Formula API Documentation

Independent of the Endpoint

  • RESTful resources can be defined independent of the endpoint, and therefore work across many services versus endpoint specific point-to-point integrations.
  • Generated templates can be instantiated across multiple use cases and endpoints. Learn more here. 
  • Citizen Integrators can leverage a Formula Template and instantiate it to the specific services & resources they’re using.


  • Formulas can be exposed as a resource to enable serverless integration logic, for your applications or customers.
  • Using a simple configuration option, you can turn any existing Formula logic into a resource.
  • Formula resources will be published to your API documentation automatically.
Formula Builder: Build integration workflows

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