Embedded Integration For SaaS Companies

Embed integration capabilities directly into your application, and connect your product to the ecosystem around it.

Stop Losing Customers Because of Missing Integrations

Your customers expect your application to work with the other apps they use right out of the box. They don’t want to figure it out on their own, or worse engage a third-party to enable the integrations.


With Cloud Elements you can deliver integration faster with our catalog of more than 130 pre-built Elements. Our Elements offer advanced features like unified query/search and an event-framework – making every app you integrate with look the same!

Why Our Customers Buy

Grow Revenue:

Never lose a sale due to a missing integration and increase stickiness.

Grow Revenue

Reduce Dev Costs:

Build once, connect many. Reduce your integration development costs.

Reduce Dev Costs

Stable Support:

Any changes, maintenance and updates are handled by Cloud Elements.

Stable Support

Get to Market Faster

Our 100% API based service can be embedded seamlessly into your app, making it easy to build and offer an integration marketplace to your customers.

Influitive, the leading Advocate Marketing platform, used Cloud Elements’ Marketing Hub to build an integration marketplace for their customers. Their integration library is used to market publicly on the Influitive website, as well as embed as an interactive app for users. With the interactive integrations library, users can easily click, connect, authenticate and map their instance of Influitive to their chosen cloud service.

Influitive Embedded Integrations
  • “It took us almost a month or more to create our first marketing automation integration on our own. With Cloud Elements, we were moving 10x faster and released three more integrations in less than two weeks.”

    Aaron Rothschild
    Aaron Rothschild Former Director of Product Management at Influitive

An Integration Solution for Everyone

Elements Connect Marketplace Login
For faster time-to-market, we have an alternative to building your own UI. Elements Connect is a pre-built app. This low-code UI allows you to select the Elements of your choice, and setup one-click activation.

Deliver a branded, self-service integration portal for your customers and business users, all hosted, designed and built by Cloud Elements.

Anatomy of an Element

API integration is much more than just writing to the API – that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface, developers have to consider authentication mechanisms, discovery APIs, search capabilities, event-driven workflows, and so much more. Our API Integration Platform helps you manage all of it.

Authentication & Provisioning

Uniform APIs provide a consistent workflow to authenticate each service you connect with, so your application doesn’t need to build the logic to manage authentication, refresh keys and provision instances – we do it all for you.

Event Management

Manages event triggers to receive data at preset times. Provides the ability to process events received from service endpoints, including Webhooks, AMQP, XMPP, Push.

Usage & Monitoring

Each API call is logged, tracked and searchable in our Big Data environment. Activity levels, response times, and error rates are available through a uniform set of APIs regardless of endpoint.

API Version & Change Management

Any changes, maintenance and updates are handled by Cloud Elements.


We provide a standard SQL-based query language (Cloud Elements’ Query Language, CEQL) that is consistent across each Element. Using CEQL, developers can pass the same query structure to all Element endpoints.


Set-up and manage real-time events and accompanying notifications to keep your application up to date on changes for all of the endpoints you connect with.


When a request returns multiple pages of a response, Cloud Elements normalizes the pagination information from the endpoint, allowing the developer to implement normalized pagination code.