Embedded Integration For SaaS Apps

Embed integration capabilities directly into your application
and connect your product to the ecosystem around it.

Stop Losing Customers Because of Missing Integrations

 When your customers are demanding integrations between your product and the other applications they use, you have some options of how to satisfy their requirements.

Integrations embedded in your product through Cloud Elements.

The other integration options available to product companies have many challenges associated with them. This is the key reason why software companies partner with Cloud Elements. Our customers use our platform to enable their integration strategy and report significant value – with SaaS providers offering pre-built integration seeing a 60% reduction in churn compared with those that don’t. This churn reduction leads to a far greater chance of upsell – which of course means increased lifetime value.

Value Recognized by our SaaS Provider Customers

60% Reduction in Customer Churn

15% Increase in
Customer LTV

64% Increase in
Upsell Potential

  • "For SaaS providers, owning the integration infrastructure is a matter of competitive advantage  - not just an offer of completeness."

    Massimo Pezzini
    Massimo Pezzini VP & Fellow at Gartner

Build Vs. Buy

Your customers expect your application to work with the other apps they use right out of the box. They don’t want to figure it out on their own, or worse engage a third-party to enable the integrations.

The right approach is to take ownership of integration, but this can be a huge commitment for your product team. By leveraging a platform partner it’s easier to build the workflows your customers need and scale quickly as the number of integration users increases.

Cloud Elements has designed and built an integration platform that SaaS providers can trust, while still retaining ownership of the customer relationship and user experience. Our platform embeds right inside your product so your customers won’t even know we’re there.

Own the UserExperience

Enable 1-clickintegration

Improve customer stickiness

Why Cloud Elements

Using Cloud Elements, you can deliver integration faster with our catalog of more than 170 pre-built Elements. Our Elements offer advanced features like unified query/search and an event-framework – making every app you integrate with look the same!

Unified API Integrations

One-To-Many Integration Platform

Our Elements are multi-tenanted, meaning our platform automatically scales to support all your customers. By embedding Cloud Elements integrations into your product, you can provide 1-click “integration as a service” to all your customers with the same effort as integrating one, static integration. This self-service integration can be easily configured and/or modified by a non-technical, administrator-type user.

You only need to build each integration scenario one time – the Cloud Elements platform will automatically create new instances of the integration for each customer that wants to enable it. In simple terms, every component – the Elements, Virtual Data Resources and Formulas are all multi-tenanted.


Authenticated Instances

Virtual Data Resources

Multi-Level Data Transformations


Reusable Workflows

Cloud Elements Integration Catalog
Cloud Elements Unified APIs
Formula Builder: Build integration workflows

SaaS Companies Who Trust Cloud Elements

LiveTiles Integration Catalog
Dialpad Integration Marketplace
Allbound API Integration Marketplace
ReadyTalk API Integration Marketplace
  • “In 20 hours we sat down and wrote the entire integration between Allbound and Salesforce, via the Cloud Elements Platform. That’s for standard and custom objects."

    Kyle Burnett
    Kyle Burnett CTO and Co-Founder, Allbound
  • “Previously it took us about 3 years to build 3 integrations, and in the year that we’ve used Cloud Elements we built 6 more integrations that now over a ⅓ of our user base is using.”

    Morgan Cantrell
    Morgan Cantrell Managing Director, BrightTALK
  • I’m most excited for the coming months and our partnership with Cloud Elements. Our companies are very well aligned in terms of the importance of integrations and how connected applications will propel our business forward.

    Jen Kessler
    Jen Kessler CEO and Co-Founder, Bizzy
  • Customers of today don't want to leave the website or the app they’re using to enter into a contract or to conclude a transaction. The experience has to be seamless.

    Eric Prugh
    Eric Prugh Co-Founder & COO at PactSafe
  • Our customers want things that just work, and then expect for us to deliver that to them flawlessly. That’s why we partner with companies like Cloud Elements.

    Xavier Musy
    Xavier Musy Chief Architect at Swiftpage

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