Elements Connect

Elements Connect is designed to deliver integration workflows you have built for non-technical users and customers through an integration marketplace.

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Instant Integration Marketplace

  • Dramatically decrease your time to market in getting the integrations your customers demand into their hands
  • Deliver a branded, self-service integration portal for your customers and business users, hosted by Cloud Elements
  • Our simple, three-step dashboard intuitively walks customers through how to authenticate map and integrate your customers with ease
Elements Connect Marketplace Login
Cloud Elements OAuth


  • Elements Connect handles and maintains the authentication handshake between various applications, removing the burden of transitioning between basic, OAuth1 & OAuth2
  • Customers are able to self-authenticate into your application and all the Elements you integrate into on the Cloud Elements API Platform

Custom Data Mapping

  • Once authenticated, the Cloud Elements discovery APIs pull a complete list of fields for customers to intuitively map their data side by side
  • This self-service mapping allows customers to create custom instances unique to them and their business case
  • Easily update and modify mapping with custom objects to support different customer needs
Elements Connect: Custom data mapping
Elements Connect: Configure an integration

Workflows as a Best Practice

  • Distribute common workflows and pre-built API orchestrations directly to your customers
  • Create Cloud Elements Formulas and distribute in a simple plug-and-play environment
  • This practice automatically invokes best practices for how your customers should interact with your data in the integration ecosystem

Customer Story: ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk, a Denver-based company that delivers audio and web conferencing services, partnered with Cloud Elements to expand their marketing automation and CRM integrations. These integrations help enable two important use cases for their customers’ sales and marketing teams.

See how ReadyTalk deployed Elements Connect to quickly onboard new integrations.

ReadyTalk Integration Marketplace through Elements Connect

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