Zendesk and Quickbooks

Zendesk and QuickBooks Integration

Easily share data between Zendesk and QuickBooks.

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Easily access your QuickBooks account data within Zendesk.

Zendesk and Quickbooks Integration

The Zendesk QuickBooks App by Cloud Elements helps minimize your time searching for customer account information (e.g. account status), so you can focus on creating positive customer experiences.

Key Features

Instant access to your customers’ current account status in QuickBooks Online:

  • Automatically retrieve customer account data from QuickBooks Online
  • View account balance, recent payments, and invoices, along with customer billing/shipping info
  • Increase the efficiency of your Customer Service staff
  • Enhance customer satisfaction!

The Integration in Action

Retrieve existing QuickBooks Online Account information, including:

  • Contact information: Billing/Shipping address, phone numbers and custom contact information
  • Invoicing: Current invoice, due date, amount and total account balance
  • Payments: Transactions, payment reference numbers, source and amount

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Our Zendesk integration is a part of the Cloud Elements Help Desk Hub, a uniform API to connect to the leading cloud help desk services.

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