A visual, no-code API Integration workflow builder that
makes creating complex data integrations simple.

Conductor brings together developers and non-developers to leverage Cloud Elements’ powerful API platform to prototype, build, configure and maintain application integrations.

Simplify and Speed
API Integration

Pre-built, no-code integration workflow templates and over 200 Elements and 5,000 pre-built API actions.

Extend Your
Application Ecosystem

Add your own workflow actions using Element Builder and Virtual Data Resources or leverage our developer community.

Integrate with

Conductor uses dynamic data discovery to help you identify the data you need to connect.

How It Works

Smart Start
Integration Workflow Templates

Pick a use case that matches your needs with the confidence that it’ll work with any application in our catalog thanks to our normalized API centric approach.

Integrate Easily
Common and Custom Actions

Browse thousands of out-of-the-box actions based on our growing API catalog or make your own through Element Builder or the Virtual Data Resource manager.

Any Data, Any App
Trigger from Any Action

Start with any action as a trigger. Not being limited to supported triggers simplifies the testing and automation any task.

Choosing the right tool for the job.
Using Conductor or Formulas?


Thousands of integrations, one for each end-user

Conductor is a business user tool, best suited for custom integration workflows that are triggered as required.

Formula Builder

One integration used by 1000s of end-users 

Formula Builder is a developer tool, best suited for reusable integration templates that can be easily embedded.