Integration for Business Process Management (BPM)

Enhancing intelligent business process management platforms through connectivity and uniform APIs, offered out as embedded integrations for your end users.

Prevent Your Customers From Looking Elsewhere For SaaS Connectivity

Your customers expect SaaS connectivity out-of-the-box, as soon as they procure your product or service. Grow adoption of your BPM platform within the enterprise through increased connectivity to the SaaS applications your customers are already using to run their businesses. Deliver a low-code/no-code experience for native third-party connectivity to your customers by utilizing the Cloud Elements Catalog of 130+ pre-built API connectors, or Elements. Enable business unit admins with the ability to build their own self-service solutions without having to rely on IT to provide connectivity.


Elements are feature rich, pre-built adapters to all the cloud applications you need to integrate. Our unified APIs make it easier to embed white labeled connectivity into any BPM platform. API integration is much more than just writing to the API. Elements are also “multi-tenanted”, which means they are natively designed to support integration to any BPM app ecosystem.

Cloud Elements' Pre-Built API Integrations

Cloud Elements’ Integrations Complement BPM

Within Your BPM Platform

BPM Workflow

Cloud Elements has a different approach to how you’ve tackled integration in the past. Our pre-built integrations can be seamlessly embedded to be a fluid part of your product’s configuration experience. This means you no longer have to send customers to a partner or ask them to build their own connectors. Cloud Elements enables you to offer a consistent user configuration experience across every integration you make available.

  • We chose Cloud Elements because of their novel canonical data and object model which normalizes connectivity to cloud applications. This approach helps accelerate IBM’s time to market for these new connectors in IBM App Connect.

    Tony Curcio
    Tony Curcio Director of Application Integration at IBM

Unified APIs, Purpose Built for External Integration

Cloud Elements Layer of Abstraction for Data Integration

Unified APIs map resources from a collection of endpoints into a normalized set of APIs so your engineering team can integrate to a variety of endpoints consistently.


Each API offers a consistent RESTful interface with a JSON payload regardless of the technology used at the endpoint. Cloud Elements also provides developers unified documentation, auth mechanisms, discovery, uniform search and paging, event management enriched metadata and consistent error handling.


Our Elements are truly delivered as a service – meaning they are managed, maintained and deployed automatically via our public cloud infrastructure – ensuring that when endpoint APIs change, our Elements and all active instances used across customers change automatically.

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Cloud Elements Integration Catalog