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A Platform to Organize YOUR World of APIs

Cloud Elements’ API Integration Platform is built from the ground up to bring API integration and management together. Our platform connects you to all of the cloud services used by your company, customers and partners, plus the toolkit to extend the capabilities of our integrations by publishing new resources, mapping and transforming data, migrating bulk data and orchestrating workflows.

All of these capabilities are managed through a single platform that tracks usage, response times, and logs in one place. Our 100% API based service can be embedded seamlessly into your app so your customers will never know we’re there!

  • "Cloud Elements may be the missing link between iPaaS and API management."

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Integrate and Aggregate

Integrate and Aggregate

An ‘Element’ is a pre-built API integration that enables a connection into a specific cloud application or cloud service endpoint. We organize our Elements into categories called ‘Hubs’, which allow you to integrate an entire category through a single, uniform API.


Uniform APIs provide a consistent workflow to authenticate each service you connect with, so your application doesn’t need to build the logic to manage authentication, refresh keys and provision instances – we do it all for you.

  • Support for OAuth, OAuth 2.0, OAuth 1a, and Basic username and password authentication; including initial authentication and management of refresh tokens.
  • All credentials are encrypted and stored in a separate database using AES 256 bit encryption.
  • Multi-level Account APIs meet the needs of service providers (Saas, IaaS and PaaS) by organizing all of your Element instances by customer or partner for easy support and management.


Use Element Mapper to define standard data objects (e.g. Company, Contact, Product), map and transform data objects from the cloud services you use and seamlessly move data across all services in your desired data structure. Manage your custom data through our UI or write directly to our APIs.


Set-up and manage real-time events and accompanying notifications to keep your application up to date on changes for all of the endpoints you connect with. For example, when a new file or contact is added or deleted from an endpoint you can notify your app to take an action to synchronize this change or make a change to another endpoint. Manage these events and notifications all in one place through the Elements Manager console.

  • Uniform event management provided across all your connections, regardless of the technology supported at the endpoint.
  • Configurable polling intervals for endpoints that don’t support webhooks.
  • Receive Notifications across a number of channels including emails, SMS, mobile push and webhooks.


Use Formula Builder to create workflow templates that are independent of the end-point, used to define a set of actions that will take place based on an event happening. Formulas can be utilized to automate a process that involves steps across multiple systems or to keep systems, like CRM, Ticketing, and Marketing, synchronized.

Build and Publish

Build and Publish


Using Element Builderextend the capabilities of an existing Cloud Elements’ integration or build a new Element from scratch. 

Because all of our Elements are extensible, you can use Element Builder to customize resources and capabilities. 

Reinvent Any Element
Utilize the normalized resources that we have already organized into Hubs, and leverage the same resources across any other Element you build. Need an additional resource? Easily add it in yourself using Element Builder.

Build It From Scratch
The Element Builder tool configures an Element and publishes it to your private Elements Catalog while automatically generating interactive API Documentation. You can aggregate services by creating a Hub or mapping an Element to an existing Hub.

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Manage and Deploy

Manage and Deploy


Each API call is logged, tracked and searchable in our Big Data environment. Activity levels, response times, and error rates are available through a uniform set of APIs regardless of endpoint. The Cloud Elements API Manager Console dashboard provides an aggregated view of your Element activities.

  • For increased security, the only data we store is the metadata of the call, not the payload data.
  • A powerful Tag mechanism provides granular tracking of API calls by each Element instance. You can can provide an unlimited number of tags based on your tracking needs.
  • Tags can be used to meet the robust audit and compliance requirements for enterprise-grade control and management.
  • Usage data is available via APIs or the Cloud Elements Manager Console.


Based upon our robust usage and logging capabilities, Cloud Elements will be introducing a Point Management service that enables developers and
administrators to assign relative weights to API calls based on criteria such as type of call, usage levels, activity and aggregation of any criteria.
Cloud Elements DashboardAccumulated points can be used to establish thresholds, limit activity and provide usage reports for an external billing system.
* Coming Soon in 2016. Contact us to get started.


Our platform is architected from the ground-up to support the deployment option that’s best for your business. We offer Cloud Elements API Manager in public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments. All deployments provide the same set of features and functionality.

Ground2Cloud Element Deployment
Our Ground2Cloud Element deployment allows a direct, on-premises connection to non-public services. 

  • A Ground2Cloud Client is installed on the Customer system, opening a persistent tunnel to a Ground2Cloud server in the Cloud Elements cloud.
  • Once a Ground2Cloud Client is registred, connected, and (possibly) linked, CE Elements can direct their requests to the Ground2Cloud server, which works with its clients to transparently route the request to the correct service.
  • Elements using our Ground2Cloud technology require an uplift fee. See our Pricing page for more information.

Enterprise Platform
Cloud Elements provides an on-prem deployment up request, allowing you to deploy our full multi-tenant platform in your data center. Deployment is done via Command Line Interfaces (CLIs).

Call us for Enterprise Platform pricing. Subject to scoping.

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