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API Hubs are at our core. Hubs not only connect endpoints, but bring organization to all the APIs in your world in an “integrate one, get many” approach. Integrating APIs is about moving data, powering transactions, connecting mobile apps and thousands of other functions.

MattSchnitt“By partnering with Cloud Elements, we’re giving our customers the freedom to seamlessly move enormous amounts of data without having to pay a third party and configure it themselves.”  

      — Matt Schnitt, Product Manager   hubspot-quote

API Manager

What We Do

The Cloud Elements ‘One-to-Many’ approach allows developers to integrate to one API and then connect to a full category of popular cloud services.

Cooperative apps need to connect to multiple services in the same category or across multiple categories.

Developers can’t keep up with building integrations one-by-one.

No matter what you are integrating to, all you need to know is REST.


  • Element Loader is a configurable JavaScript application that simplifies data migration.
  • Easily map and move data from application sources to application targets (i.e. mapping data from HubSpot and pushing it to Marketo).
  • Sync Accounts, Campaigns, Contacts and Leads across the cloud services you use.
Element Loader for Data Migration
API Cloud Integrations


  • Long gone are the days of single point-to-point integrations that create confusing webs of complexity. Efficiency is about integrating to one and connecting many.
  • We combine the key capabilities of API Management and integration into one unified platform.
  • All of the integration services you need available as RESTful APIs.

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