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Cloud API Integrations

Integrate entire categories of cloud services through uniform APIs.

Are you a developer? Check out our API docs.

Cloud API Integrations 1

Hubs built around categories of cloud services, enabling you to integrate all of the services your customers demand.

Cloud API Integrations 2
Platform Toolkit

Enterprise-grade platform for integration, data mapping, events, monitoring and more.

REST APIs to build mobile apps

Our RESTful services are optimized for building mobile applications for a seamless user experience.

What We Do

The Cloud Elements ‘One-to-Many’ approach allows developers to integrate to one API and then connect to a full category of popular cloud services.

Cooperative apps need to connect to multiple services in the same category or across multiple categories.

Developers can’t keep up with building integrations one-by-one.

No matter what you are integrating to, all you need to know is REST.

Easily Map Data between the Leading Cloud Services

Use our drag-and-drop interface, Datamapper, to map and transform data across the leading cloud services. Manage your custom data through our UI or write directly to our APIs.
API Cloud Integrations

100% RESTful APIs, normalized across categories of cloud services.

  • Normalized API Calls for all of our Element Endpoints (e.g. Dropbox, Salesforce, Zendesk).
  • Standardized REST API calls and JSON payloads regardless of the Endpoint.
  • Unified management of authentication, monitoring, usage to all Endpoint Providers.

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