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The only unified platform for API Management and Integration.

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Pre-built Elements to integrate the cloud services used by your company, customers and partners.


Hubs organize and connect entire categories of services through uniform APIs.


Design, aggregate and publish your own APIs using Element Builder, our RESTful API Designer.


Real-time monitoring, usage, reporting and notifications with enterprise-grade API management.

What We Do

The Cloud Elements ‘One-to-Many’ approach allows developers to integrate to one API and then connect to a full category of popular cloud services.

Cooperative apps need to connect to multiple services in the same category or across multiple categories.

Developers can’t keep up with building integrations one-by-one.

No matter what you are integrating to, all you need to know is REST.

Integrate and Map All of Your Data

  • Pre-built integrations make it easy to access any endpoint
  • Easily integrate entire categories of services, such as Documents, CRM, Finance, through a uniform API
  • Transform data using Element Mapper, a drag-and-drop interface to map objects and fields
  • Use our API Manager or write directly to our RESTful APIs
API Cloud Integrations

API Management, Made Easy.

  • We combine the key capabilities of API Management and iPaaS into one unified platform
  • Create and publish your own Elements to integrate any service endpoint
  • Organize your APIs into Hubs for faster and easier management
  • Leverage our full set of platform services, including authentication, events, transformations and usage

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