If you are using our V1 APIs…

Beginning January 1, 2016, Cloud Elements will be sunsetting our API Version 1 (API v1)

API V1 Sunsetting

Beginning January 1, 2016, Cloud Elements will be sunsetting our API Version 1 (API v1). We will continue to support API v1 calls for the next three months ending on December 31st, 2015. Applications developed using our v1 APIs will no longer function as expected.

If you are currently using our v1 APIs and would like support in moving to our v2 APIs, please contact us at support@cloud-elements.com. We will be providing support through the end of 2015.

API V1 Sunsetting FAQ

Q: What does sunsetting mean?

A:  v1 of our APIs will no longer be supported nor function as expected.

Q: Why is Cloud Elements sunsetting v1 APIs?

A: As with all platforms, the underlying technology becomes more efficient and powerful over time. Cloud Elements is continuously improving its platform and sometimes these improvements are not backwards compatible. Our philosophy is to release improvements as soon as possible to Cloud Elements users’ while at the same time providing a grace period for existing applications to transition smoothly.

Q: How do I know the state of an API version?

A: The API version is documented in the URL of each API call made. For example:  


About the switch from V1 to V2

In V2, we updated our core application to better support REST best practices. Conversion to RESTful architecture gives us more consistency across our API and is a well known pattern for API clients.

If you are currently using Version 1, don’t worry, we will be continuing to support Version 1, and you won’t have to change any of your current integrations. And our API console and dashboard will continue to work with both versions.  We will continue to support V1 indefinitely, but all new functional changes will be on V2. Changes to V1 will be limited to security patches and operational updates.

See our full API documentation for V1.

Elements Manager

Our Elements Manager will support both V1 and V2 APIs. The token generated for you in the Manager will work with both V1 and V2 API calls. You can login to the Manager as usual.

V1 Provisioning Guides

Need help getting started with our V1 APIs?

  • Documents Hub Provisioning Guide V1 in PDF.

  • CRM Hub Provisioning Guide V1 in PDF.


Our V1 and V2 APIs are available for the same price. Check our Pricing page for more information.


Please contact us with any questions regarding the change to V2.

On our Developer Blog

Look for updates on our APIs on our Developer Blog.

Developer Portal

For other resources and information about using Cloud Elements’ current APIs, check out our Developer Portal.

Full API V1 Documentation

See the full documentation for our V1 APIs in Swagger. Or scroll down.

Two main changes happening in the V2 release:

  • We no longer use the Provisioning Hub APIs, and instead use Hubs, Elements and Instance APIs
  • Manipulation of files and folders can now be used via the Documents Hub APIs

OAuth workflow changes from V1 to V2 – High level

New OAuth workflow that mimics the standard OAuth authorization grant workflow:

  1. GET /elements/{elementKey}/oauth  retrieves the URL to request in order to retrieve the authorization code
  2. POST /instances implicitly handles the the final portion of the OAuth handshake, taking the authorization code and trading it in for the access token behind the scenes
  3. /api-v1/provisioning/createInstance  -> POST /api-v2/instances
  4. /api-v1/provisioning/getOAuthUrl  -> GET /api-v2/elements/{elementKey}/oauth

Documents Hub changes from V1 to V2 – High level

Hub now supports explicit operations by path and provider specific id:

  1. Path based arguments are supplied as URL params (ie. /{requestUrl}?path=/pathToMyFileOrFolder)
  2. Id arguments are treated as resources of a particular file or folder (ie. /{requestUrlForFile}/{providerSpecificFileId} )
  3. /api-v1/document/get  -> GET /api-v2/hubs/documents/files or api-v2/hubs/documents/folders
  4. /api-v1/document/list  -> GET /api-v2/hubs/documents/folders/{folderId}/contents
  5. /api-v1/document/search   -> GET /api-v2/hubs/documents/search
  6. /api-v1/document/delete  -> DELETE /api-v2/hubs/documents/<files | folders>
  7. /api-v1/document/createFolder  -> POST /api-v2/hubs/documents/folders
  8. /api-v1/document/uploadFile  -> POST /api-v2/hubs/documents/files
  9. Consolidated GetAccessUrls and GetDownloadLinks APIs into “links” API (ie. GET /api-v2/hubs/documents/files/{fileId}/links )
  10. Consolidated V1 Move, Rename APIs into PATCH /api-v2/hubs/documents/{files | folders}

Cloud Elements Version 1.0 APIs