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Tungsten Tier

The Tungsten Tier is our most customizable tier for enterprise companies. If you need access to more than 12 integrations, require a larger number of Integration Users or plan to use a large volume of API calls each month, then our Tungsten Tier may be the best fit for your organization.

Tier Tungsten
Price Per Month Custom Pricing
Access to Platform Services
# of Standard Elements Included Call Us
Platform Usage Monitoring & Reporting
User Management
Pre-Built & Mapped Virtual Data Resources
Formula Builder
Element Builder
Custom Element Call Us
Bulk Operations
Enterprise SSO
Elements Connect
(Fully Managed)
Call Us1

Elements Connect price includes productized customization – CSS & Logo. Additional customizations will be priced at standard services rate.

Additional Elements
For Standard Elements $650/month
For Advanced Elements $1050/month
For Enterprise Elements $2850/month
Uplift from Standard Element in Tier Advanced: $400/month Enterprise: $2200/month
Variable Components
# of Standard, Advanced and Enterprise Elements.
SaaS Companies: # of Integration Customers. We will work with you on the appropriate volume and price point to fit your go-to-market model.
Enterprises: API usage. We will work with you on predicting volume to determine a price point to fit your go-to-market model.

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