Cloud Elements Security

We know how critical your data is to you and that you rely on Cloud Elements to keep it secure.

Security is always a concern when dealing with client information in the cloud. We understand that, which is why Cloud Elements has security at the forefront of our thoughts as we architect our solutions.

Since we use a single API to connect to many endpoints (like Dropbox, Salesforce, Jira, etc.), Cloud Elements opens a connection with the endpoint and streams the information directly to our client’s application. Cloud Elements does not persist (store) any of the pass-through data from the services. All transmissions on both sides use HTTPS with the highest quality ciphers available. All sensitive and personal information Cloud Elements does store is secured using a complete 256 bit AES encryption scheme.

Cloud Elements ensures the integrity of all transmissions using multi-factor authentication for API invocations. Cloud Elements has built complete customer privacy and segregation of data into our multi-tenant infrastructure design. However, for those companies needing a stand alone solution, Cloud Elements offers both a hosted single tenant solution and an on-premise version for complete isolation at our clients facility.

Cloud Elements is hosted at highly secure cloud hosting centers, such as Amazon EC2. These ensure the highest levels of security compliance at our hosting facilities. Read more about Amazon EC2 .

For those companies needing compliance solutions, each service allows unlimited custom tagging of each API call, for discrete logging and compliance reviews. Full logging of each API call is available through our usage APIs, as well our API management dashboard.

For European customers, Cloud Elements is Safe Harbor compliant with its handling of any personal information. Read more here.  A link to the Cloud Elements certification is here.

In summary, Cloud Elements is designed for the most modern, highly scalable software infrastructure designed with security in mind from the ground up. Please contact us for additional more detailed information about our security measures.