How it works

7 Simple Steps to Get Started With Cloud Elements

1. Select a Hub

2. Integrate to the Hub API

  • Integrate your application to our Hub API to access all of the cloud services in that category.
  • We use RESTful services with JSON Payload to easily integrate into any platform.

3. Provision Elements

  • Connect cloud services to your application by provisioning Elements to your Hub using our common RESTful API‘s.

  • Our Hubs make it easy to offer more options to your customers. There is no additional integration required to add more Elements.

  • Give it a try! You are only charged if your customers are using an Element.

4. Authenticate Instances

  • Our Elements are “multi-tenant” connectors, meaning they can support an unlimited number of client accounts per Element (i.e., Element Instances).

  • Tag it so you can track it. Tag instances based on usage, customers, calls, or whatever makes sense for your business.

5. API Analytics

  • Your instances, organized by tags for easier tracking.
  • Insight into customer usage. See which customers are using which Elements.

6. Monitor Usage

  • Consolidated Monitoring, Logging and Alerts across all Hubs and Elements.
  • Use our dashboard or our usage APIs (embedded seamlessly into your app).

7. Automatic Updates

  • New services? We are always adding more Elements to each category.

  • More options= more customers. Expand your market reach by offering all of the services your customers are using.

  • API updates? We maintain the endpoints for you, saving your team valuable development time.

Contact Us

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