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Cloud Elements API Hubs

Cloud Elements API Integration Platform For SaaS Application Providers

Integrate Categories of Cloud Services

Long gone are the days of single point-to-point integrations that create confusing webs of complexity. Just think of all of the APIs you currently rely on, and how simple life would be if they were normalized into uniform APIs.


We’ve created API Hubs to integrate entire categories of services, each through a uniform, REST API.

For SaaS App Providers
Cloud Elements API Integrations

Get Your Marketplace to Market Faster

Our 100% API based service can be embedded seamlessly into your app, making it easy to build and offer an integration marketplace to your customers.


Influitive, the leading Advocate Marketing platform, used Cloud Elements’ Marketing Hub to build an integration marketplace for their customers.

Influitive Icon“With Cloud Elements, we were moving 10x faster and released three more integrations in less than two weeks,”

— Director of Product Management at Influitive

Developer Friendly

Cloud Elements’ Hubs are built on straight-forward RESTful APIs with JSON payloads regardless of the endpoint, simplifying integration for your development team.


Our Elements automatically authenticate and connect to an unlimited number of accounts. We provide a uniform approach to authenticate each cloud service regardless of the protocol (Basic, OAuth1, OAuth 2, etc.).

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Comprehensive Platform

Our platform, Cloud Elements API Manager, is architected from the ground-up to support the deployment option that’s best for your business. We offer both public and private cloud deployment options.


  • Publish and document RESTful APIs.
  • Integrate the cloud services used by your company, customers and partners.
  • Aggregate these APIs into “Hubs” to make it easy to connect to entire categories of services through uniform APIs.
  • Manage your integration response times, activity levels, error rates via searchable logs or via our console.