Resource Builder

Define the virtual data model you need for your integration flows and create mappings to your cloud apps

Resource Builder

Easily Define and Map Data

  • Using Resource Builder is the easiest way to normalize objects across cloud services.
  • To start, simply select the object you want to map and name the object with your custom name (e.g. “My Contacts”).
  • No coding necessary! Use our UI to easily map services across the cloud services you are using.
Resource Builder: Model and map data resources
Organizations API Docs

Discover and Manage Custom Data

  • Manage your custom data through our UI or write directly to our APIs.
  • Use our Discovery APIs to see all of the objects available at the endpoint.
  • Enable your customers to map their objects and custom objects, without ever leaving your application.

Multi-Level Transformations

  • Create default transformations for your Organization
  • Create on the fly transformations for each Customer Account or Authenticated Instance
Resource Builder: Model and map data resources
Custom data transformations

Transform Data Objects

  • Transform data formats such as date/time, or numbers and strings
  •  Includes a JavaScript Editor for creating custom transformations. Read more.

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