IT Integration & Transformation

With more than 1000 SaaS applications enabling your business today – how do we ensure that data can be shared and synchronized seamlessly between them?

Web-Scale Integration Made Simple

Until now, you have been forced to create point-to-point integrations between these applications. Configuring how to connect App A with App B. This doesn’t scale and doesn’t provide you the visibility or governance you need to manage data integration between a growing number of cloud services.

Legacy Integration Pattern:

IT Integration & Transformation

Cloud Elements’ Data-Centric Platform:

IT Integration & Transformation

Cloud Elements provides a unique approach to enterprise integration – we allow your product owners, architects and developers the ability to focus on the data they care about, without worrying about the application interfaces that expose or consume that data.

Our Approach

Integrate SaaS Apps

Each department within your enterprise has a SaaS technology stack. Integrate data you care about from the 1,000+ SaaS applications your company depends on.

Connect Legacy Systems

Connect your legacy, enterprise platform to the cloud services your employees, customers and partners use.

Build Reusable Workflows

Build workflow templates to synchronize, orchestrate and govern data across multiple departments. Enable end-users to implement and manage the workflows using a low-code interface.

Cloud Elements API Mediation Layer

An Integration Solution for Everyone

Elements Connect: Pre-Built Integration UI

Elements Connect allows you (IT) to enable your internal customers to quickly consume integration templates you have built with the Cloud Elements integration platform.

You can roll out a branded integration marketplace that ensures IT can maintain control of how sensitive data is moved around while offering a self-service, iSaaS marketplace for your non-technical stakeholders.