Integrated Collaboration and Communication Tools

With more people working remotely than ever before and no clear end in sight, it’s essential to stay in-touch with scattered teams and retain project visibility. Meet your customer base where it’s at with integration.

Software is eating the world in thousands of tiny bites — virtualized API integration lets you drive real productivity and automation for your users.

Thousands of applications power the modern enterprise. But without thoughtful and fast integrations, applications risk siloing knowledge, data, and work at a time where coordination and sharing are paramount. Embedded integration helps your customers manage each holistically.

The way we work has changed out of necessity, yet the ripple effects will flourish as more and more businesses elect to let their employees WFH.

Empower your customers with more visibility and communication tools than ever before by leveraging easy-to-implement one-to-many integrations for the tools that are the backbone of the remote office. Stay aligned with our normalized collaboration and communication integrations.

Break down data silos to optimize collaboration and data-driven insight.

Integration and automation get complex fast with just a few applications supporting work and knowledge management. Cloud Elements is here to help.

“We didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, we just had to find the right wheel. Cloud Elements was the perfect solution to streamline our integrations and move at the speed of our customers’ demand.” – Khizar Naeem, Product Manager at Starred

“During this pandemic, cloud computing has evolved from simply a means to cut costs or increase efficiency to a foundational component of business resiliency and responsiveness.” – Ramachandran Padmanabhan, VP of Cloud Applications and Platforms at Wipro Digital

Real-time collaboration

Synchronizing information from cloud storage, database, and other tools lets employees work from a single source of truth without constant back-and-forth. Enable customers to connect apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack to their platforms with our seamless integrations.

Video conferencing

Empower your employees to effectively sell to and support your customers even from continents away with integrated video conferencing.

Contact and Document Management

Improve the customer experience and make your product stickier than ever by providing highly connected document, contract, and knowledge management. Don’t let our current virtual reality prevent your business from closing deals and getting work done.

Project Management

Visualize what others are working on, quickly access project documents, and stay abreast of status updates in real time.

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