Ticket Sync Formula

Out of the box
ticket synchronization for
IT help desk software

Ticket Sync Formula
Currently Available in Beta
Help Desk Ticket Sync

Ticket Syncing, Simplified

Easily sync the help desk systems your employees, customers and partners are using.

  • Work with a number of different partners without having to dramatically change existing workflows.
  • Faster support and resolution of tickets for happier customers.

Out of the Box Integrations

Read, create and update help desk tickets across multiple cloud services such as:

We support popular integration use cases such as:

  • Zendesk to JIRA
  • ConnectWise to Autotask
  • Salesforce Service Cloud to Zendesk
Help Desk Ticket Syncing
Formula Builder Workflows

Custom Solutions

Use Formula Builder to build custom workflows. 

  • Connect multiple services in categories such as CRM, Marketing Automation, Cloud Storage or Finance.
  • Formula Builder is the first set of APIs to build workflows that are independent of the endpoint, through RESTful APIs or an open source UI.
  • Enables developers to design integration rules and triggers that are one-to-many, syncing across multiple applications in real-time and reducing data silos.

Popular Integrations:

Zendesk Logo
ConnectWise Integration
AutoTaskCRM logo
ServiceNow logo
Salesforce service cloud logo-01
Oracle service cloud logo

Custom Integration

Looking to sync custom data? Want to build out other use cases? Contact us for more information.


The Ticket Sync Formula can be set up with no coding necessary. Our integrations are pre-built and ready to go.


Contact us for more detailed pricing on Ticket Sync Formulas.

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