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What API integration would you like to see added to our Elements Catalog?

We are looking for suggestions on what integration to build out next. Let us know what you are interested in!

My API Integrations

If you are looking for an integration that is not currently included in our Elements Catalog, we would love to know! Your feedback will help us prioritize our integration roadmap.

Another option is to build the integration using our integration tool, Element Builder. Element Builder configures an Element and publishes it to your private Elements Catalog while automatically generating interactive API Documentation. You can aggregate services by creating a Hub or mapping an Element to an existing Hub.

Element Builder also gives you the integration tools to extend the current feature set of any of our Elements by adding a resource or method. If your use case requires a resource our Element doesn’t currently support, you can easily add it in yourself using Element Builder.

Element Builder is currently available in BETA. Please contact us if you are interested in getting started.

Our uniform, RESTful API simplifies integrations.

Save 100s of development hours.

We handle all API Maintenance.

Spend less $$ on custom development.

Cloud Elements Simplifies Your Integrations

HubSpot API


Our “one-to-many” Hubs allow you to connect to all of the leading services in a category through a uniform, REST API integration, saving you time and cost of custom development.

HubSpot API

Simple Data Mapping

Using Element Mapper, our drag-and-drop UI, easily map and normalize data objects and fields between leading cloud services.

Marketing Cloud Services

Stay Up to Date

We even manage user access and authentication, API updates, logging and monitoring, all from a consistent platform.


Download the developer and product manager guide to designing API Integrations to SaaS Applications, creating a more “Cooperative App.” Download!

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