Oracle Eloqua API Integration, Simplified.

Need to integrate to Oracle Eloqua? Cloud Elements makes your work easier.


Why use the Element?

Our API integrations offer advanced functionality rarely available from the native endpoint to make building faster and simpler. Features include:

  • Normalized methods and calls across all APIs (ex. convert SOAP/XML to REST/JSON)
  • Webhooks and polling out-of-the-box
  • Standardize authentication flows to avoid endpoint nuance
  • Bulk, Discovery API, standardized query, and other enhanced functionality



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Key Benefits


  • Own the User Experience: Cloud Elements makes all integration content 100% API-accessible so you can embed the platform just like you’d embed Stripe rather than build your own card processing back-end. This lets you control every aspect of the UI/UX and keeps ‘second-class citizen’ features out of your product.
  • One-to-Many: Instead of tedious point-to-point mapping and transformation, Cloud Elements’ Virtual Data Resources (VDRs) allow you to map your data model once to the VDR and map the VDR to multiple target systems, powering a one-to-many strategy. Hubs for categories such as Finance, CRM, and Payments speed deployment.
  • Maintenance: Insulate your integrations from changes to endpoint APIs. Cloud Elements takes on the maintenance burden for our GA catalog so your developers don’t have to worry about connections breaking with the latest update.
  • Extensible and Customizable: Don’t want to be stuck with a vendors’ out-of-the-box connectors? CE’s Elements are fully-extensible via Element Builder and don’t require.

“By standardizing all the various integration elements, Cloud Elements allows us to turn on new integrations seamlessly and easily.”
– Justin Oblak, VP of Engineering, Teampay


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