Elements Manager:
Built for developers, by developers.

Elements Manager is the only cloud API integration platform built for developers, by developers. Our experience in developing dozens of SaaS applications led us to build a platform that is used to easily integrate, monitor and maintain the leading cloud services that we commonly use in building applications. We offer Elements Manager in our public cloud and private cloud deployments.

Use the Elements Manager to easily provision the Hubs you want to use in your application.  Our dashboard is simple and easy to use vs. the complex mess of the competitors. You won’t need consultants or IT to use it.

Easy-to-use Elements Catalog

  • The dashboard gives you access to our rapidly growing catalog of cloud services.

  • Choose from a wide range of services, organized by category into “Hubs”.

  • No vendor lock-in: Switch providers without changing a line of code.

Quick Integration with code plug-ins for Java & Ruby

  • Download code samples or have the code delivered directly to your GitHub account.

  • Or write directly to our well documented API.

Provision, Tag and Track your Elements

  • Provision all your services and manage all your keys from one console. Have an existing account, enter it. Want a trial account, use ours. Want to purchase a new account, do it.
  • With Tags you identify a unique instance for each provisioned Element, enabling granular monitoring and analytics. Tag by environment (e.g., test, production, staging), application or other any other identifiers that are important to your business, such as region or division.

Consolidated Monitoring, Logging and Maintenance

  • Real-time analytics and logging all in one place for all 3rd party services.

  • Call Activity, error rates, response times, threshold monitoring.

  • We maintain the API endpoints so you don’t have to worry about updates!

Private Cloud Deployment

We offer Elements Manager in our public cloud and private cloud deployments. Both deployments provide the same set of features and functionality. You can see the full list of available Elements here.

Elements Manager provides two primary use cases within your private cloud:

  • Integrate services into your application in a fraction of the time and cost of developing, monitoring and maintaining these integrations from scratch.
  • Offer your clients integrations to leading cloud services by leveraging our growing catalog of services.  Enable your clients to access data from leading CRM, customer service, document management services and more.

Contact us at info@cloud-elements.com to find out more about private cloud deployments.

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