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Element Mapper

An API and data mapping application to map and transform data across the leading cloud services.
Element Mapper for data mapper

Easily Define and Map Data

  • Using Element Mapper is the easiest way to normalize objects across cloud services.
  • To start, simply select the object you want to map and name the object with your custom name (e.g. “My Contacts”).
  • No coding necessary! Use our drag-and-drop UI to easily map services across the cloud services you are using.
Datamapper drag and drop
datamapper APIs

Discover and Manage Custom Data

  • Manage your custom data through our UI or write directly to our APIs.
  • Use our Discovery APIs to see all of the objects available at the endpoint.
  • Coming Soon: Enable your customers to map their objects and custom objects, without ever leaving your application.

Multi-Level Transformations

  • Create default transformations for your Organization
  • Create on the fly transformations for each Customer Account or Authenticated Instance
Datamapper custom data
Datamapper transformations

Transform Data Objects

  • Transform data formats such as date/time, or numbers and strings
  •  Includes a JavaScript Editor for creating custom transformations. Read more.

Integrate Categories of Cloud Services

  • Cross-Hub Functionality: Element Mapper works with all of the integrations available in our CRM, Marketing, Finance and Help Desk Hubs. Ecommerce Hub coming soon!

Open Source Code

 Element is coming soon! Open source code to easily embed this UI into your application. Sign up for the private beta!

Quick Start Guide

Use our Element Mapper API Documentation to get up and running quickly.

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