Cloud Elements

Element Loader

A Data migration tool to import, export and synchronize
your data on an ongoing basis.
Element Loader for Data Migration
Element Loader Workflow

Element Loader

  • Element Loader is a configurable JavaScript application that simplifies data migration.
  • Map and move data from application sources to application targets (i.e. mapping data from HubSpot and pushing it to Marketo).

Connect the Cloud Services You Use

Element Loader- Data migration UI

Bulk APIs for Data Migration

Cloud Elements Bulk APIs for data migration

Get Started with Element Loader

  1. Read our Element Loader Documentation.
  2. Contact us to get started!

MattSchnitt“By partnering with Cloud Elements, we’re giving our customers the freedom to seamlessly move enormous amounts of data without having to pay a third party and configure it themselves.”

      — Matt Schnitt, Product Manager   hubspot-quote