Integration for BI & Analytics Platforms

Enable your customer’s citizen integrators across all business units to access and use your platform, no matter their technical expertise

Why Build Integrations?

  • Organizations will increasingly want to leverage the streaming data generated by devices, sensors and people in a connected world in order to make faster decisions. The players in the analytics and BI market will need to invest in similar capabilities — in order to offer buyers a single platform on which to combine real-time events and streaming data with other types of source data.

    Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms
    Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms
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Business users are looking to leverage the investment into BI and Analytics made by the enterprise, or those that are procuring it outside of core IT. To do this, they need embedded access to their services. Business users don’t have access to the enterprise integration platforms traditionally used to load data into the BI/Analytics services.


If BI/Analytics can separate itself from the CIO, and permeate business units and business analysts, then the value of the enterprise’s data increases.

What BI & Analytics Platforms Are Doing About It…

Platform companies are facing growing demands from their customers to publish connectors to their platforms faster. Their customers and business users want to easily access and expose the data that is locked in silos across the cloud-based apps and services they need to be successful in their roles.


Leaders in the BI and Analytics space, according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2018, all offer some number of integrations and those with a focus on integration offer an average of 33 web connectors to their customers.

BI Platform Web Connectors

Unified APIs, Purpose Built for External Integration

Unified APIs map resources from a collection of endpoints into a normalized set of APIs so your engineering team can integrate to a variety of endpoints consistently.


Each API offers a consistent RESTful interface with a JSON payload regardless of the technology used at the endpoint. Cloud Elements also provides developers unified documentation, auth mechanisms, discovery, uniform search and paging, bulk APIs, enriched metadata and consistent error handling.

Anatomy of an Element
  • data literacy improves, users are asking more sophisticated questions — with multiple data sources and menu-driven predictive analytics. The rise in data lakes, as part of the overall information architecture, forces analytics and BI teams to decide how best to model the data and where.

    Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Deliver Connectors That Are Configured
Through Clicks, Not Code

Your customers expect your application to work with the other apps they use right out of the box. They don’t want to figure it out on their own, or worse engage a third-party to enable the integrations.


With Cloud Elements you can deliver integration faster with our catalog of more than 170 pre-built Elements. Our 100% API based service can be embedded seamlessly into your app, enabling you to deliver integrations as easy to use, self-service tools into the hands of your customers or business users.

MicroStrategy: Customer Example

Cloud Elements Delivers New Connectors for MicroStrategy Platform

Together with Cloud Elements, MicroStrategy will extend its unified platform for enterprise analytics and mobility beginning with the most popular cloud applications. These connectors cover market-leading solutions in the CRM, digital marketing, cloud storage, ERP, accounting, financial, project management and social media areas. The strategic partnership enables API developers to work with simple, yet feature-rich connectors to create high-value APIs and focus on building differentiated analytics and mobile user experiences.

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