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API integration is much more than just writing to the API. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s much more below the surface of an API, and our API Integration Platform helps you manage all of it.

Cloud Elements API Integrations
  • Developer
    • Pick an Element to Try
    • 5 Test Instances
    • Email Support
  • Element Starter Kit
    Starts at $1,200monthly
    • Any One Element
    • 5 Active Authenticated Instances, 5 Test Instances
    • API Integration Platform Access
    • Standard Support Included
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    Starts at $4,000monthly
    • Five Tier 1 Elements*
    • 30 Active Authenticated Instances, Unlimited Test Instances
    • API Integration Platform Access
    • Premier Support Included
    • $400 per Each Additional Tier 1 Element*

What’s Included in the API Integration Platform?

API integration is much more than just writing to the API – that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface, developers have to consider authentication mechanisms, discovery APIs, search capabilities, event-driven workflows, and so much more. Our API Integration Platform helps you manage all of it. Learn more >

Authentication & Provisioning

Uniform APIs provide a consistent workflow to authenticate each service you connect with, so your application doesn’t need to build the logic to manage authentication, refresh keys and provision instances – we do it all for you.

Event Management

Manages event triggers to receive data at preset times. Provides the ability to process events received from service endpoints, including Webhooks, AMQP, XMPP, Push.

Usage & Monitoring

Each API call is logged, tracked and searchable in our Big Data environment. Activity levels, response times, and error rates are available through a uniform set of APIs regardless of endpoint.


We provide a standard SQL-based query language (Cloud Elements’ Query Language, CEQL) that is consistent across each Element. Using CEQL, developers can pass the same query structure to all Element endpoints.

Data Mapping & Transformations

Use Element Mapper to define standard data objects (e.g. Company, Contact, Product), map and transform data objects from the cloud services you use and seamlessly move data across all services in your desired data structure. Manage your custom data through our UI or write directly to our APIs.

API Version & Change Management

Any changes, maintenance and updates are handled by Cloud Elements.


Set-up and manage real-time events and accompanying notifications to keep your application up to date on changes for all of the endpoints you connect with.


When a request returns multiple pages of a response, Cloud Elements normalizes the pagination information from the endpoint, allowing the developer to implement normalized pagination code.

Package Add-Ons:

Pick 3 Pick 5
Additional Tier 1 Element $600/Month $400/Month
Additional Tier 2 Element $1,250/Month $1,000/Month
Additional Active Authenticated Instances OEM Pricing Available OEM Pricing Available
Formula Builder (Up to 5 Workflows) $750/Month $1,000/Month
(25% discount)
Bulk APIs $750/Month $1,000/Month
(25% discount)
Ground2Cloud On-Prem Deployment Contact Us Contact Us


Professional Services Contact Us
Enterprise Support 25% of monthly subscription fee (Minimum of $1,250/Month)
Other Support Options See our Support page

Pricing FAQ

What is a Hub vs. an Element?

Hub: A uniform API to integrate an entire category of cloud services (e.g., DocumentsCRM, etc.).

Tier 1 Element: A prebuilt, packaged integration that enables a connection into a specific application, typically with a REST or cloud-based endpoint (e.g.,, Google Drive, etc.). See table below.

Tier 2 Element: A prebuilt, packaged integration that enables a connection into a specific application, typically with an enterprise, SOAP or Database endpoint (e.g. NetSuite, MySQL,etc.). See table below.

Can I Deploy On-Premises?

Ground2Cloud (G2C): Allows for secure integration between on-premises applications and the Cloud Elements Platform without restriction. A G2C Client is installed on the on-premises application, opening a persistent tunnel to a G2C server in the CE cloud.

Enterprise Platform: Deploy the Cloud Elements platform in your private cloud or use our automated install to manage hybrid deployments. 

What is an Authenticated Instance?

Authenticated Instance: An Instance of an Element is created for every account that is authenticated to a cloud service endpoint. Depending on the use case, an Authenticated Instance can either be associated with an administrator account on behalf of a company or an individual user account.

Active Authenticated Instances: An Authenticated Instance that has initiated one or more API calls, excluding health check calls, within a given month. If there is no API call, you will not be charged for that Authenticated Instance. Active Authenticated Instances are aggregated across Cloud Elements’ Hubs.

OEM Pricing: For customers that need a higher volume of Active Authenticated Instances, Cloud Elements will work with you on the appropriate volume and price point to fit your go-to-market model.

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